Business Insurance in Frederick and Gaithersburg, MD

New risks could impact your commercial and business insurance

Commercial insurance is vital to your business welfare and will cover you in the event of most of the common events such as fire, theft and accidents. But how current is your business insurance when you consider rapid changes in the world we live in. Perhaps it is time to have another look at the status of your commercial and business insurance. Lowe-Tillson are experts in the areas of business insurance and can advise you regarding the effectiveness of your commercial policies in Bethesda, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Maryland or Rockville.

As a business owner or manager you are aware of many risks and possibilities that could cause loss to property and equipment or result in the interruption of business operations and consequential loss. These could be due to a fire, a vehicle accident, an accident at work, theft and similar events or incidents. But we live in a changing world where new risks surface almost on a daily basis. Lets consider some of them and how they may impact your business insurance.

Across the world countries have raised their levels of terrorist threats. Incidents of terrorism occur daily in some place or another. Is your business covered in the event of an attack or incident related to terrorism?

Today businesses are more reliant on computers, networks and online information than ever before. Is cyber insurance part of your commercial insurance portfolio? Cyber insurance should be part of any sensible business insurance plan to cover you in the event of data loss, whether from an internal or external source.

Global warming and climate change brings new risks that can affect your business interests. You just need to consider recent weather events such as unparalleled snow fall in certain areas.  Question is:  Are you covered if some unusual event takes place in your hometown?